Visiting Thurmond

Once considered one of the greatest RR towns along the Chesapeake & Ohio Railway, don’t miss the “friendly” ghost town of Thurmond.

To get to Thurmond:

• Exit Route 19 at Glen Jean. Travel Route 25, a two-lane road that follows Dunlop Creek. If you like waterfalls, stop 4.2 miles from the old Glen Jean bank to see the waterfall on the right.

• Back on the road: the Rend Trailhead is 0.6 miles ahead. Wide and smooth with an easy grade, the Rend Trail is one of the most popular in the park. Along the way, enjoy views of Dunlop Creek, the New River, and the historic community of Thurmond. This trail was originally constructed in 1906 as a RR line to haul coal from the mines in Minden to the main line in Thurmond.

• Back in the car: from the Rend Trailhead, Thurmond is another 1.3 miles. Follow the road over the bridge that crosses the New River. Once on the other side, park at the Historic Thurmond Train Depot and walk down the main street of Thurmond. Picnic next to the town hall.

• Looking for a place to sit by the river? Go to the DunGlen day-use area or Stonecliff Beach. If you brought a fishing pole, these are two places you can cast a line. To reach either, take a right before going over the bridge into Thurmond. DunGlen day-use will be 0.3 miles on your left. Stonecliff is 1.5 miles ahead.